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Pay-per-click (PPC)

Pay-per-click (PPC)

Paid Search Marketing in Dallas, Texas

If you’re a business owner in Dallas, Texas looking for ways to grow your online presence, consider a PPC campaign designed by Kriti Web Solutions. Pay-per-click, sometimes called a paid search campaign, is a search engine marketing strategy that is easy to implement and delivers quick results; it’s a great tool to use if you’re looking to jump start your business.

Here’s how PPC campaigns work:

  • Choose your tool – Google Adwords, Yahoo search marketing, or MSN Adcenter
  • Set a daily budget for the paid search campaign and decide how much money you want to spend per click, also known as cost per click (CPC)
  • You’re charged only when someone clicks on your ad from the search engine’s ‘sponsored links’ section

Cost per click can vary greatly depending on which search engines you use and the level of competition for the keyword phrases you bid on.

PPC campaigns deliver the results you want

Like any other search engine marketing strategy, before creating a PPC campaign you should have solid knowledge of your target market and the geographical areas you want to focus on. Our expert consultants can conduct the research for you, build a list of key words and phrases and manage the PPC campaigns for you. In order to ensure positive results for money spent, it’s important to optimize the bids (per click cost) as this improves the efficiency of the campaign. If the bids aren’t managed, you may end up spending money without any positive returns.

Pay-per-click is also recommended as a short-term strategy that can increase brand awareness of your products and services. While pay-per-click search results are less visible than organic search results, a combination of search engine optimization and paid search campaigns have been proven to perform better due to increased credibility and brand awareness.

Kriti Web Solutions in Dallas, Texas is standing by and ready to help you design, implement and manage an effective PPC campaigns that delivers results you want. Contact us today!

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