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Micro Site Design

Micro Site Design

Learn how micro site design from the experts in Dallas, Texas improves your site

Micro site design from Kriti Web Solutions based in Dallas, Texas, is an essential tool for companies, whether you have no website or you’ve had a website for awhile and want to grow your business. Micro site design refers to optimizing a single page or a cluster of pages promoted selecting products and services, and before investing time and money into a larger, more complex website, building a micro site is a good way to test the waters and measure performance.

The consultants at Kriti Web Solutions specialize in custom website design and our micro site design services are available at an extremely affordable cost. We also monitor the performance of the micro site and the data collected over a period of time is very important for understanding the behaviours and objectives of visitors in real time, and this data can be used for designing a larger website in the future.

Micro site design and internet marketing for small businesses

Micro sites are an excellent way to promote seasonal products and services. Custom website design allows visitors to land on a focused page without taking them through a generic company website, which may cause them to lose interest. There are many other instances in which micro site design is useful, and the consultants at Kriti Web Solutions can help you decide if it’s right for you.

Additionally, we offer other website design services such as conversion architecture,performance measurement and competitive analysis

If you’re a business owner in the Dallas, Texas region, contact Kriti Web Solutions today and learn how we can help you with micro site design. We look forward to hearing from you!

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